The Elara program focuses on females that rear a calf naturally every year, year-in year-out, regardless of seasonal conditions.  In our mind, fertility and functionality equals profitability and is the cornerstone of any beef breeding operation.

Genetic strength in the cow herd, a result from an unwavering breeding program, produces sires that are able to breed not only highly marketable and efficient male progeny, but more importantly, valuable replacement females.

Brangus breeding program

Selection criteria of our breeding program includes:

  • Fertility
  • Temperament
  • Structural soundness
  • Constitution
  • Weight for age
  • Udder soundness
  • Muscling
  • Ease of finishing
  • Longevity.

The Elara Brangus breeding program consists of:

  • Brangus cows being placed with a Brangus bull to produce replacement Brangus females and stud bulls; or
  • Brangus cows being placed with a Brahman or Angus bull to expand the genetic base; and
  • Brangus heifers being utilised in an A.I. program, at around 14 months of age, to expand the genetic base and re-introduce successful sire lines.  Brangus, Brahman and Angus sires are used within our A.I. program.


Brahman breeding program

Elara maintains a small Brahman herd as part of our Brangus program.

The Brahman herd has been based on Tyagarah and Balara genetics, which have foundation sires going back to Cherokee bloodlines.  All Brahman females used in the Elara herd have excellent temperament, neat udders, exceptional structural soundness, strong pigmentation and constitution.

These foundation Brahmans come from long established studs (Balara stud number 15 and Tyagarah stud number 56) with over 50 years of continual selection and consistent breeding goals, from a similar genetic base - free from fads that have come and gone.  This has resulted in progeny from our F1 program that are consistent and predictable.

The Elara Brahman breeding program is based on Brahman cows being joined with either:

  • an Angus bull to produce F1 females; or
  • a Brahman bull to produce replacement Brahman females.
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