Elara Roseanne 007  (DOB: 19/04/98)

Elara Roseanne was one of Elara’s initial females.  A F1 female, sired by Welcome Swallow Nat, born in 1998, she is still active in the Elara herd today.

Elara Roseanne is pictured with her 12th calf born in 2011.  She has great growth figures on Breedplan and has produced females that have continued breeding for Elara and other Brangus studs.


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Elara Beryl 053  (DOB: 26/08/01)

Elara Beryl has been one of Elara’s most outstanding females, producing four registered females and two registered bulls.  Her latest bull calf will also be registered.

Three of Elara Beryl’s daughters are still being used in the Elara herd today, all producing exceptional calves.  Elara Beryl 4th has won many ribbons on the show circuit.


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Elara Miss Arrow 045  (DOB: 01/11/00)

Elara Miss Arrow would also be considered as one of Elara’s most outstanding females, producing two registered females and three registered bulls used in Brangus studs.  One of her bulls is currently being used in the Elara stud program. 

Her latest bull calf will also be registered.


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Elara Lil’ Siesta  276A (DOB: 06/10/06)

Elara Lil’ Siesta is a higher content Brangus cow (70% Brahman) sired by Greendale Y629.  She has exceptional EBV’s, fertility and milk traits that are being displayed in her progeny.

Elara Lil’ Siesta is proving to be an excellent breeder, with all her progeny being registered to date.  Elara Lil’ Siesta is pictured with her third calf born in 2010.


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Elara Delvine 297 (DOB: 21/09/07)

Elara Delvine is sired by Sunnyside Dewlap, Elara's initial Brangus sire.  She has inherited Dewlap's exceptional coat and hair type and has a wonderful temperament.

Elara Delvine spent a little time on the Show Circuit and was awarded Junior Champion Female at the Gympie Feature Show in 2009, and she paired with Elara Beryl 4th to win Pair of Females at the Toogoolawah Feature Show in 2010.

Elara Delvine is pictured with her second calf (Elara Delvine 2nd) born in March 2012.


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Elara Beryl 4th 293  (DOB: 28/07/07)

Elara Beryl 4th has enjoyed much success on the Show Circuit.  She has been exhibited at four Brangus Feature Shows in 2009 and 2010, and won every class she entered.  Her notable wins include: Reserve Junior Champion Heifer at Beef Australia 2009; Senior Champion Cow at the Brisbane Royal Show in 2009; and Grand Champion Cow at the Toogoolawah Feature Show in 2010.


Elara Beryl 4th is also sired by Sunnyside Dewlap and has developed into a deep, well-fleshed, functional cow with a perfect udder.  She has produced two registered males and is currently rearing a heifer that will be registered and retained in the Elara herd.


Elara Beryl 4th is pictured with Elara Jethro, born 7 March 2011.  Jethro will be offered for sale at the Grafton Angus Brangus Sale on 3 August 2013.


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Elara Princess 377  (DOB: 28/10/08)

Elara Princess is a product of our proven F1 program, sired by Rosevale X13.  She is typical of our F1 program, in that she is a neat and very feminine female.  Elara Princess has already produced three registered heifers at the age of four and all daughters will be retained in the Elara herd.


Elara Princess has exceptional EBV's and fertility traits.  She is the result of a strong, consistent family line.


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