Sunnyside Dewlap gave Elara an enormous boost by siring high performing progeny.  Sunnyside Dewlap’s progeny are extremely adaptable, demonstrated by his ability to sire lines of fertile, neat-uddered and functional females that exhibit his impeccable manner.  Dewlap’s females are capable of calving as two-year olds and then go on to produce a calf every year.

Elara Beryl 4th  293 (Dam: Elara Beryl)

  Elara Delvine 297 (Dam: Elara RB276)

Elara Blinky 248	 (Dam: Greendale Koala)
  Elara ‘Lil Rosie 172 with calf (Dam: Elara Roseanne)

Elara Dixie 292 (Dam: Elara Tigger)    

Sunnyside Dewlap also had the rare ability to sire sons with the ability to breed on.  Dewlap was the sire of Elara Crossfire who was purchased by Boonderoo Brangus.  Crossfire sired the $17,000 top price bull at the 2010 Roma Brangus sale.  Other sons have seen successful service in other leading herds such as Inavale and Glenoyra.

Elara Crossfire 169 (Dam: Elara Miss Arrow) Purchased by Boonderoo Brangus

  Elara Desperado 176 (Dam: Sunnyside 749) - Purchased by Inavale Brangus

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