Greendale Y629 has proven to be the sire of outstanding sire sons, replacement females and high-performing steer progeny.

Elara Lil’ Siesta 276A with calf (Dam: Elara Miss Siesta)

  Elara Beryl 5th  343 (Dam: Elara Beryl)

 Elara Amy 2nd  306 (Dam: Elara Amy)   Elara Berty 428 (Dam: Elara Beryl)

Elara Raider 322 (Dam: Elara Dawn)    Elara 349 (Dam: Elara Tigger)

Elara Black Hawk 416  (Dam: Elara Katie) - Photo Courtesy of Queensland Country Life

  Elara Marty 425 (Dam: Elara Mary)

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