Bindaree Woodman is living up to our expectations as an outstanding female producer.  They are beautiful feminine types exhibiting great udders and teating, depth and are easy-doing and heavily-fleshed.  They are also displaying their sire's top temperament, hair and skin type and structure.


The first drop of Woodman heifers have calved as two-year-olds in 2012 and are proving to be great mothers.

Elara Lil’ Bess 463 (calf in photo, Dam: Talungra Black Bess)

Elara Lil' Bess 463 at two years, after calving
 Elara Sweet Siesta 459 (calf in photo, Dam: Elara Lil' Siesta)  Elara Sweet Siesta 459 and her first calf (Sire: Elara Black Hawk)  

Elara Sigrid 4th  (Dam: Greendale Z522)

Elara Sigrid 4th and her first calf (Sire: Elara Black Hawk)  


2013 calves - Woodman has continued to produce outstanding female calves in 2013


 Elara Cindy 3rd 629 (DOB: 03/08/13; Dam: Elara Cindy 283)

 Elara BW 626 (DOB: 09/08/13; Dam: Elara Rose-Marie 055)

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