DSK 9440 E42  (DOB: 15/09/09)

DSK 9440 E42 is a long, large-framed, quiet, structurally correct sire with a great hindquarter, displaying a short coat and hair type. 

E42 has had to follow on from some very good Angus sires we have used.  His daughters are amongst some of the best females we have bred, displaying excellent femininity, great temperament and some extra length and growth.  E42 has made a valuable and worthwhile contribution to our program.


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Welcome Swallow Nat (DOB:28/05/95)

Welcome Swallow Nat was Elara’s initial Angus sire, used from 1996 to 1999. He was a long, structurally sound, well-muscled Angus sire with an outstanding nature.

The first calf by Welcome Swallow Nat (Elara Roseanne 007) was still active in Elara’s herd in 2015.


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Berrima Society S1 (DOB:13/07/97)

Berrima Society was utilised in the Elara stud from 2000 to 2001. He was a long, structurally sound, well-muscled Angus sire with an outstanding temperament.

Elara had 7 registered females by Berrima Society active in their herd in 2013. Berrima Society was only placed with a mob of 15 Brahman cows for 2 seasons, which is an outstanding achievement. His daughters have produced show winners and top sale bulls.


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Rosevale X13 (DOB:02/05/02)

Rosevale X13 was purchased in 2005 and stayed in the Elara herd until 2011. He had a high growth rate and was a long, quiet and structurally sound bull.

Rosevale X13’s daughters have matured into long, deep-bodied cows that are very fertile and producing well. He has produced some very good sale bulls from our higher content Brangus cows.


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Sans Pariel A28  (DOB: 18/08/05)

Sans Pariel A28 was purchased in 2011 to run with a mob of Brahman heifers. 

He is an interesting sire that features all Australian and New Zealand bloodlines.  He has an impeccable temperament, a deep well-fleshed body, good structural soundness, great constitution and heavy muscling.

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