DSK 9440 E42  (DOB: 15/09/09)

DSK 9440 E42 is a long, large-framed, quiet, structurally correct sire with a great hindquarter, displaying a short coat and hair type. 

E42 has had to follow on from some very good Angus sires we have used.  His daughters are amongst some of the best females we have bred, displaying excellent femininity, great temperament and some extra length and growth.  E42 has made a valuable and worthwhile contribution to our program.


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Welcome Swallow Nat (DOB:28/05/95)

Welcome Swallow Nat was Elara’s initial Angus sire, used from 1996 to 1999. He was a long, structurally sound, well-muscled Angus sire with an outstanding nature.

The first calf by Welcome Swallow Nat (Elara Roseanne 007) was still active in Elara’s herd in 2015.


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Berrima Society S1 (DOB:13/07/97)

Berrima Society was utilised in the Elara stud from 2000 to 2001. He was a long, structurally sound, well-muscled Angus sire with an outstanding temperament.

Elara had 7 registered females by Berrima Society active in their herd in 2013. Berrima Society was only placed with a mob of 15 Brahman cows for 2 seasons, which is an outstanding achievement. His daughters have produced show winners and top sale bulls.


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Rosevale X13 (DOB:02/05/02)

Rosevale X13 was purchased in 2005 and stayed in the Elara herd until 2011. He had a high growth rate and was a long, quiet and structurally sound bull.

Rosevale X13’s daughters have matured into long, deep-bodied cows that are very fertile and producing well. He has produced some very good sale bulls from our higher content Brangus cows.


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Sans Pariel A28  (DOB: 18/08/05)

Sans Pariel A28 was purchased in 2011 to run with a mob of Brahman heifers. 

He is an interesting sire that features all Australian and New Zealand bloodlines.  He has an impeccable temperament, a deep well-fleshed body, good structural soundness, great constitution and heavy muscling.

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Tyagarah Freckled Arrow (DOB:15/11/95)

Tyagarah Freckled Arrow was Elara’s foundation Brahman sire and was used until 12 years of age.

The value of this bull was his exceptional daughters which have consistently bred outstanding progeny.


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Tyagarah Black Hawk 0/339  (DOB:18/09/00)

Tyagarah Black Hawk was a large-framed, sound, good-natured bull that was used in both our Brahman and Brangus programs.


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Balara Silver Cloud  (DOB:28/12/07)

Balara Silver Cloud was purchased in 2008 as a weaner calf and has been used to breed replacement Brahman heifers.

We are very pleased with his calves, leaving some exceptional replacement females that are displaying his excellent temperament and well-fleshed body type.  His daughters have proven to be very fertile with outstanding udders.


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Elara Officer 466   (DOB:  18/09/10)

Elara Officer 466 displays all of the traits Elara expects in their sires.

Elara Officer is from a strong, fertile female line, with his dam having an average calving interval of 358 days over 10 calves to date. 

Officer has exceptional natural fleshing, depth and muscling, a beautiful coat and skin type and has a strong sirey outlook with a broad muzzle.  Both Officer and his progeny exhibit very correct structure and strong constitution. He weighs over 1000kg in paddock condition and moves like a cat.

Officer has left us both exceptional replacement females that are breeding on, and easily marketable sons that possess his desirable attributes.


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Telemon History 159  (DOB: 02/10/12)

Telemon History 159 was purchased at the 2014 Central Brangus Classic sale.  

History has a strong sirey outlook, great coat and skin type, beautiful neck extension and shoulder placement, super sound structure, great body depth and, most importantly, an impeccable temperament.

History's calves feature excellent replacement females and a high percentage of keeper bulls.  They exhibit his excellent nature, great fleshing and structure, and above average growth.  His first heifers in production appear very fertile.

History has balanced EBVs, placing him in the top 20% for 600 day growth, top 2% for scrotal size and top 30% for eye muscle area.


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Elara Tristan 708  (DOB: 19/07/14)

Elara Tristan 708 was retained from our 2014 calf drop.  Like all of our home-bred sires, he comes from a proven, functional female line that breeds on and displays great longevity.  As of 2017, we still have the first three generations of females in his pedigree performing in our herd.

Tristan's dam, Elara Celine 184, has a 362 days to calving interval over 12 calves to date.  Tristan's grand dam, Elara Celeste 112, has had 14 calves and was preg-tested in calf at 16 years of age.  Tristan's great grand dam, Balara 90/0, had 15 calves when retired.  We have many daughters retained from this awesome female line, along with many sale bulls.

Tristan has a great temperament, is very sound, displays good muscling and length, has a great constitution, combined with a perfect sheath.  Tristan also features balanced growth EBVs, placing him in the top 25% for 400 day growth, top 20% for eye muscle area and top 20% for fat EBVs.


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Elara Rory 742  (DOB:08/08/15)

Elara Rory was always a stand out as a calf, and has developed into a long, well-fleshed and muscled sire.  Rory is quiet, structurally correct and has a great sheath and testicle development. 

As with all our home-bred sires, Rory has come from a top dam (Elara 258) who has consistently produced daughters that breed on and sale bulls for us.  Elara 258 has an average calving interval of 359 days over 10 calves to date.

Rory is pictured at almost 4 years of age after being with a mob of cows at Jandowae.


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Elara Donny NN637  (DOB: 18/08/13)

Elara Donny NN637 is a lower content, home-bred sire.  Like our other home-bred sires, he comes from a strong, fertile and functional female line, with his dam having a calving index of 354 days over 10 calves. 

Donny is structurally correct, displaying great length and muscling, combined with a strong sirey outlook.  Donny has left us good sons and daughters.


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Elara Black Hawk 416   (DOB: 09/09/09)

Elara Black Hawk 416 is by Greendale Y629 and out of Elara Katie.  Black Hawk was Katie's seventh calf at 9 years of age, with Katie having a 321 days to calving interval over 17 calves.

Black Hawk enjoyed a successful show career, culminating in being name the Brisbane Royal Show Grand Champion Bull in 2011.  Black Hawk features great length, perfect sheath and testicles, good muscling, sound structure and an alert but docile nature.  His first calves out of heifers have met our expectations with some good heifers retained in our herd.

Elara sold Black Hawk privately but has retained semen for future in-herd use.


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Sunnyside Dewlap  (DOB: 05/12/94)

Sunnyside Dewlap (pictured in 2006, during a severe drought, and just prior to his last breeding season) was Elara’s initial Brangus sire.  He was a higher content, long, heavily muscled and structurally sound sire.  Dewlap had an exceptional coat and hair type, with a wonderful temperament.  He left consistent females and had the rare ability to sire sons that bred on.

Sunnyside Dewlap was reluctantly retired in 2007 at 13 years of age and weighing over 1000kg in paddock condition.  Semen has been collected and stored by Elara which will be utilised in future breeding programs.


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Greendale Y629  (DOB: 01/12/03)

Greendale Y629 was a unique Brangus bull, displaying exceptional length, bone, high growth rates and EBV’s, with an outstanding constitution.

Like Sunnyside Dewlap, Y629 has left females that have proven to be excellent breeders and sons that have the ability to breed on.

He was purchased in 2005 and worked until 2010, when he weighed over 1100kg in paddock condition.


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Bindaree Woodman  (DOB:22/08/04)

Bindaree Woodman was used in the Elara herd for only three seasons.  He is higher content, long, heavily muscled and structurally sound sire, with an exceptional coat and temperament.

Bindaree Woodman’s value to Elara’s program appears to be in the quality of the daughters he is producing.


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The Elara program focuses on females that rear a calf naturally every year, year-in year-out, regardless of seasonal conditions.  In our mind, fertility and functionality equals profitability and is the cornerstone of any beef breeding operation.

Genetic strength in the cow herd, a result from an unwavering breeding program, produces sires that are able to breed not only highly marketable and efficient male progeny, but more importantly, valuable replacement females.

Brangus breeding program

Selection criteria of our breeding program includes:

  • Fertility
  • Temperament
  • Structural soundness
  • Constitution
  • Weight for age
  • Udder soundness
  • Muscling
  • Ease of finishing
  • Longevity.

The Elara Brangus breeding program consists of:

  • Brangus cows being placed with a Brangus bull to produce replacement Brangus females and stud bulls; or
  • Brangus cows being placed with a Brahman or Angus bull to expand the genetic base; and
  • Brangus heifers being utilised in an A.I. program, at around 14 months of age, to expand the genetic base and re-introduce successful sire lines.  Brangus, Brahman and Angus sires are used within our A.I. program.


Brahman breeding program

Elara maintains a small Brahman herd as part of our Brangus program.

The Brahman herd has been based on Tyagarah and Balara genetics, which have foundation sires going back to Cherokee bloodlines.  All Brahman females used in the Elara herd have excellent temperament, neat udders, exceptional structural soundness, strong pigmentation and constitution.

These foundation Brahmans come from long established studs (Balara stud number 15 and Tyagarah stud number 56) with over 50 years of continual selection and consistent breeding goals, from a similar genetic base - free from fads that have come and gone.  This has resulted in progeny from our F1 program that are consistent and predictable.

The Elara Brahman breeding program is based on Brahman cows being joined with either:

  • an Angus bull to produce F1 females; or
  • a Brahman bull to produce replacement Brahman females.
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Elara Brangus - producing:

  • Fertile, Functional and Efficient cattle

  • Cattle with plenty of “Breeding behind the Brand”

  • Cattle that meet stud and commercial requirements

  • A Brangus Breedplan herd.